Close your eyes and conjure up the following smells: a burst of citrus while peeling a juicy orange or a warm waft of perfume from a blooming lilac bush.

Relaxed yet?

Now to the question, what makes a good fragrance?

A fragrance is much more than a good scent, there are other factors to be considered when defining a good fragrance, and these factors are detailed below.

A good fragrance should make you feel something beautiful. The sense of smell is the most powerful and unique sense, and much more sensitive than our vision.
It is connected to the limbic system, a part of the brain responsible for interpreting emotions and memories. When you connect with a fragrance positively, It instantly makes you feel confident and in a great positive mood.

At Auroe, we are particular about making people feel relaxed, confident and comfortable with our fragrances because then, you’ll be able to function well and produce great results. Using our fragrances in your places of business is also a great idea, all your clients and customers get to experience calmness and peace.

Authenticity: Think about this, when you have a candle that claims to be apple scented but doesn’t have that crisp apple aroma and is more similar to detergent, you feel duped.
When fragrance smells like the actual ingredients, people love it because it smells real!

Auroe’s fragrances are created with quality authentic ingredients that assure our customers of the originality of the scents, so when you use our peppermint diffuser or burn our raspberry sangria candles, your entire space is sure to be filled with the amazing scents of raspberry sangria or peppermint. We ensure to test every scent before letting it go into the front lines, rather than assuming it will please people with the name alone.

Decent Longevity: A fragrance should be around for a while and not just for a few hours. The longer a fragrance holds up, the better. How long does the fragrance from your candle last? Does the smell disappear quickly once you put out the flame? How long does your fragrance oil last? There are many factors that contribute to how long the fragrances last. Air conditioning, heating, closed doors, open doors, dehumidifiers.
There is the need to also note that sizes matter a lot for example that the larger your room, the bigger the diffuser or candle to be used.

At Auroescents, we have different sizes from 250ml to 2000ml to cater for different room sizes and settings.

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