About Us


We provide scent marketing solutions for hotels, spas, gyms, banks, offices, retail outlets and individuals who value the effect of scents in their homes. Our scents transform the perception of your personal and commercial identity and environment. We have carefully selected fragrances that stimulate the sense of smell and induce a feeling of relaxation and happiness.

At AUROE SCENTS we believe in a green planet and creating less carbon footprints, that’s why all of our scent machines and aroma oils are made from eco friendly products. Our refill bottles are made from aluminium and PET plastic and are 100% recyclable.

Our clientele include but is not limited to corporate offices, banking institutions, hotels, spas as well as residential homes and event venues.

We harness the power of emotions linked with special ambience created by our fragrance to attract clients, thereby creating a unique and memorable environment for brands and offices

Key Scent Benefits are:

A relaxing and welcoming ambience in homes
The creation of a memorable experience for your guests.
An enhanced perception of your brand and product.
Increase Sales: Customers stay longer in a pleasant smelling space.
Enhanced customer loyalty.
Increased productivity of your staff.

AUROE SCENTS offers unlimited possibilities. Our fragrance range includes fresh minty scents, floral, oriental as well as woody scents.

Our products include diffusers in different sizes, fragrance drawer liners, scented sachets, fragrance soy candles in different sizes, scented clay, room sprays, linen sprays, ultrasonic diffusers and ambient diffusers for larger spaces.